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Nov 29, 2023 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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'Yield Equivalent Position’ is a term used in the context when the position of a commodity is expressed in it’s equivalent product form. For instance, bottled oil expressed in crude oil and vice versa. This position is designed to replicate the yield or return that you would expect to receive through downstream processing, and/or to estimate the quantity of raw materials needed to fulfil sales orders.

By calculating yield equivalent position, producers and traders can make more informed decisions about which commodities to focus on, allocate resources effectively, and optimize their trading strategies to maximize their overall returns.

Most appreciated advantages of Yield Equivalent Position

  • Reliable and unique source of truth for all position & risk data
  • Better decision making thanks to accurate and timely reporting
  • Productivity through automation (avoid big Excel manipulation)
  • Ability to drill down from aggregated position to unit contracts
  • Better trading strategies through analyses of supply vs demand withing the organization
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Key Components of Yield Equivalent Position

  • Ability to ingest from a multitude of data sources in various formats, both internal and external
  • Handling all data in regards to security, quality, normalization
  • Monitor Yield Equivalent Positions both from a Raw Materials and Finished Goods perspective
  • Effortlessly Manage Yields, Blends and Bill-of- Material Master Data structures
  • Fit for any industry or business model running processing operations, from Commodities Trading to Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Setup of different Reporting Models to explore various portfolio exposure interpretations based on your business
  • Yield Maintenance Interface
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Operational efficiency boost

By building and implementing one robust information environment for the entire organization the operational efficiency increased substantially.

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