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RadarRadar integrates, harmonizes, and enriches commodity data from all of your systems to create custom dashboards for advanced commodity risk and margin management. Our award-winning integrated commodity data analysis and reporting platform is adaptable to all stakeholders in your company, so everyone has access to the knowledge they need to make adequate and controlled decisions.

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Having all data is not the same as knowing what to do with it

There is a lot of data to manage in modern organizations, inside and outside of the company. If only you could channel all relevant data into a system that is enabled for simple, smart and actionable insights...Well, hello RadarRadar.

Industry challenges
Everything you need, the way you like it

At RadarRadar, we aim to support each function of your company. By creating a single engine from which stakeholders can benefit, we increase efficiency, lower costs, and stimulate collaboration.

Boost performance
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Becoming a data-driven company

By turning your data into trusted information in the right location at the right time, the Radar Engine enables you to tackle your business’ challenges from a data perspective, creating a competitive advantage and improving overall performance.

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Bringing technology and business together

RadarRadar is here to change expectations about data & analytics software. As industry experts, we understand your business and your challenges. Our various modules offer innovative business applications with sophisticated risk metrics that meet tomorrow's needs.

How does RadarRadar fit with my E-/CTRM landscape?

RadarRadar offers a complementary solution that can integrate with any E-/CTRM system in the market, including custom-built systems. Many commodity companies are implementing digital technology through E-/CTRM initiatives to manage purchasing, sales, and trading activities. However, these systems do not provide advanced risk management capabilities.

RadarRadar works by integrating and normalizing data from all systems within a company, providing a holistic and consolidated view, instead of relying solely on E-/CTRM data. Specializing in risk and margin management, it offers advanced exposure modeling capabilities and sophisticated risk metrics for real-time insights that are crucial for commodity trade and processing companies. By using RadarRadar, businesses can fully unlock the potential of their data by:

✓ Combining the best of all systems
✓ Providing one harmonized view of all data sources
✓ Offering top-class data management for power-analytics
✓ Offering advanced tools for risk management

How does RadarRadar fit with my ERP system?

In search of new IT software, ERP systems are often chosen due to the proven technology that is provided by well-known and trusted brands. Even though their practical experience is extensive, the system is not designed to meet the specific and complex requirements of the commodity industry, making it difficult to manage risk and volatility.

RadarRadar elevates any ERP system that is yet to be in place. By implementing the Radar technology in advance, you’re able to get a better understanding of what is needed from the ERP system and how to organize the company internally. RadarRadar brings a level of reporting maturity that is in general largely lacking during ERP blueprint processes.

When the ERP system is implemented, RadarRadar works complementary to it. The Radar Engine can integrate and normalize data from all other sources in the company to achieve a holistic and consolidated view. In addition, with the sophisticated analytics and reporting functionalities the Radar technology allows for the capabilities to manage market dynamics and fluctuations, which ERP systems do not support. That way, you can unlock the full potential of your data.

✓ Foundation to a successful ERP implementation
✓ Combining the best of all systems
✓ One harmonized view of all data sources
✓ Built for the commodity trade and processing industry
✓ Advanced analytics and reporting to manage risks and volatility

What's the difference between buy and build?

Digital innovation initiatives are higher on the calendar than ever. Some companies choose to build their own software solutions instead of buying a pre-existing one from a third party, as it allows them to tailor the solution to their specific needs and have full control over the development process. 

However, building a custom solution from scratch is costly and time-consuming as it requires identifying processes, gathering information, developing a strategic solution, and implementing software for full optimization. Additionally, custom solutions may lack scalability and essential functionality, leading to potential loss of revenue.

RadarRadar offers a solution that combines the best of both worlds. The Radar Engine enables the tools and resources to kickstart your project, avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel. With its unique functionalities and commodity-specific features, it saves time and allows for the right knowledge to create long-term business success. 

✓ Time and cost-efficient
✓ Build to meet your unique business needs
✓ Provides you with full control
✓ Strong industry knowledge and expertise
✓ Regular updates, new features and ongoing maintenance

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Substantial margin improvement

Industry’s first automated collaborative data management platform with sophisticated margin management tools.

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