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Mark-to-Market (MtM) is a fundamental accounting and valuation method used in the commodity industry and refers to the process of valuing open positions or assets at their current market prices.

Commodity producers and traders use Mark-to-Market valuation to assess the real-time value of their holdings in line with prevailing market conditions. This practice helps them to accurately to determine their portfolio's financial health, track potential gains or losses, and make timely decisions about risk management, position adjustments, and profit-taking. Mark to Market is crucial for maintaining transparency, ensuring accurate reporting, and enabling informed decision-making in the dynamic and volatile commodities market environment.

Most appreciated advantages

  • Bringing Market Price information and Positions together in 1 platform
  • Ability to store, track and create market price curves
  • Ability to create and store composite curves and formulas
  • Ability to include cost and differential curves for correct calculation of MtM
  • Calculation of MtM on individual contract level
  • Calculation & Representation of MtM in Multi currency
  • Reliable and unique source of truth for all position & risk data.
  • Better decision making thanks to accurate and timely reporting
  • Productivity through automation (avoid big Excel manipulation)
  • Ability to drill down from aggregated position to unit contracts
  • Assess financial health and performance of commodity-related assets and liabilities
  • Assess and improve hedge positions by comparing the value of the derivatives to the value of the underlying physicals
  • Avoid margin calls and manage leverage effectively
  • Accurate financial and compliance reporting by improved transparency
  • Improve strategies and avoid potential losses
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Key Components

  • Ability to ingest from a multitude of data sources in various formats, both internal and external
  • Handling all data in regards to security, quality, normalization
  • Load reversals and actuals
  • Custom metrics and methodologies
  • Multi-currency / Unit Of Measure supported
  • MtM Curve Mapping
  • MtM Impact Analysis
  • Historical MtM
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