Commodity trading data management challenges
Having all data is not the same as knowing what to do with it

There is a lot of data to manage in modern commodity trading, inside and outside of the company. If only you could channel all relevant data into a system that is enabled for simple, smart and actionable insights...Well, hello RadarRadar.

Today’s business challenges
  • Data is fragmented and not uniform: 87% of all companies use more than one system for their data.
  • Incorrect reporting: Managing systems is time consuming, and they are prone to errors from manual input.
  • Wasted time: More time goes into gathering data instead of actual analytics and reporting.
  • Lack of transparency:   Different entities and departments speak their own language and use data differently.
  • Unexpected loss and reputational damage: Increased volatility makes fast and controlled decision-making difficult.
Know why
Know how
Know what
Know nothing

To increase business value, the proper use of data is critical. Becoming a data-driven company requires governance, collaboration and sharing. Getting an understanding of which business challenges need to be addressed and how, provides for the right strategy to gather the right data, but more importantly to turn that data into trusted, real-time knowledge.

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Everything you need, the way you like it

At RadarRadar, we aim to support each function of your company. By creating a single engine from which stakeholders can benefit, we increase efficiency, lower costs, and stimulate collaboration. We help organizations gather the knowledge that is needed to understand performance, identify exposures, and make adequate and controlled decisions.

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