How does RadarRadar fit with my E-/CTRM landscape?

RadarRadar offers a complementary solution that can integrate with any E-/CTRM system in the market, including custom-built systems. Many commodity companies are implementing digital technology through E-/CTRM initiatives to manage purchasing, sales, and trading activities. However, these systems do not provide advanced risk management capabilities.

RadarRadar works by integrating and normalizing data from all systems within a company, providing a holistic and consolidated view, instead of relying solely on E-/CTRM data. Specializing in risk and margin management, it offers advanced exposure modeling capabilities and sophisticated risk metrics for real-time insights that are crucial for commodity trade and processing companies. By using RadarRadar, businesses can fully unlock the potential of their data by:

✓ Combining the best of all systems
✓ Providing one harmonized view of all data sources
✓ Offering top-class data management for power-analytics
✓ Offering advanced tools for risk management

How does RadarRadar fit with my ERP system?

In search of new IT software, ERP systems are often chosen due to the proven technology that is provided by well-known and trusted brands. Even though their practical experience is extensive, the system is not designed to meet the specific and complex requirements of the commodity industry, making it difficult to manage risk and volatility.

RadarRadar elevates any ERP system that is yet to be in place. By implementing the Radar technology in advance, you’re able to get a better understanding of what is needed from the ERP system and how to organize the company internally. RadarRadar brings a level of reporting maturity that is in general largely lacking during ERP blueprint processes.

When the ERP system is implemented, RadarRadar works complementary to it. The Radar Engine can integrate and normalize data from all other sources in the company to achieve a holistic and consolidated view. In addition, with the sophisticated analytics and reporting functionalities the Radar technology allows for the capabilities to manage market dynamics and fluctuations, which ERP systems do not support. That way, you can unlock the full potential of your data.

✓ Foundation to a successful ERP implementation
✓ Combining the best of all systems
✓ One harmonized view of all data sources
✓ Built for the commodity trade and processing industry
✓ Advanced analytics and reporting to manage risks and volatility

How does RadarRadar fit with Excel?

Many commodity companies still rely on Excel as their primary reporting solution because it is easy to use and familiar. However, it requires a significant amount of manual effort to gather, test, and validate data to then create reliable analyses and reporting.

While standard ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and Master data management solutions are available, the process of configuring and transitioning to them can be time-consuming and costly. RadarRadar offers a solution that combines the best of both worlds as it ‘understands’ commodity data. The Radar Engine can be implemented within a few months and ingests all necessary data from Excel spreadsheets and any other systems, transforming it into automatic and accurate insights. This allows each individual in the company to save time and greatly enhance their reporting. Additionally, the Radar Engine allows for data to be exported back to Excel spreadsheets for those who prefer to continue manual analysis, but with the added benefit of working with reliable data.

If your data is scattered across multiple systems, the Radar Engine can integrate and normalize data from all source systems in the company to achieve a holistic and consolidated view that can be used for advanced analytics and reporting.

✓ Efficient, automated, and trustworthy
✓ One harmonized view of all Excel spreadsheets
✓ Combining the best of all systems
✓ Specifically designed for the commodity industry
✓ Normalized and qualitative data for advanced analytics and reporting

What's the difference between buy and build?

Digital innovation initiatives are higher on the calendar than ever. Some companies choose to build their own software solutions instead of buying a pre-existing one from a third party, as it allows them to tailor the solution to their specific needs and have full control over the development process. 

However, building a custom solution from scratch is costly and time-consuming as it requires identifying processes, gathering information, developing a strategic solution, and implementing software for full optimization. Additionally, custom solutions may lack scalability and essential functionality, leading to potential loss of revenue.

RadarRadar offers a solution that combines the best of both worlds. The Radar Engine enables the tools and resources to kickstart your project, avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel. With its unique functionalities and commodity-specific features, it saves time and allows for the right knowledge to create long-term business success. 

✓ Time and cost-efficient
✓ Build to meet your unique business needs
✓ Provides you with full control
✓ Strong industry knowledge and expertise
✓ Regular updates, new features and ongoing maintenance

How does the RadarRadar pricing work?

The Radar technology is designed to unburden commodity producers, traders and processors by providing a flexible and customizable solution. The pricing for the Radar Engine and its various Business Applications is based on complexity and customization. The technology is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) with a monthly fee that is generated based on client requirements and needs. The fee is determined by four steps:

  1. Number of connected data sources
  2. Data management and business logic requirements
  3. Analysis and reporting needs
  4. Number of users

In addition, RadarRadar also offers yearly Radar Power packages to help companies take their business to the next level. These packages include training modules, consultancy support, additional insights, and personalized features.

What is RadarRadar's security information?

As a technology provider, we take information security seriously. Our top priority is to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all personal and company data by implementing a process-oriented approach to securing our clients' information. We are proud to share that we are compliant with the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) and have successfully adopted ISO 27001 and completed a SOC 1 Audit to achieve these recognitions.

The GDPR is a privacy and data protection regulation in the European Union that imposes new obligations on organizations that control or process personal data and introduces new rights and protections for EU citizens. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and that all personal data is handled in accordance with the principles outlined in this regulation.

ISO 27001 is an international standard developed specifically for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), which requires a company to use a systematic approach to managing sensitive information and ensuring data security. The ISO 27001 certification by TÜV Netherlands recognizes our implementation of an effective information security system that complies with one of the most stringent international standards. This standard comprises ten detailed control categories, including information security policy, security organization, asset classification controls, personnel security, physical security, communication management, access controls, system deployment, continuity planning and compliance.

The SOC 1 (Service Organization Control 1) or ISAE 3204 standard is an internationally recognized auditing standard issued by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB). A service organization's auditor's examination performed in accordance with ISAE No. 3402 (ISAE 3402 Audit) is widely accepted, as it represents an in-depth audit of a service organization's control objectives and activities. These activities often include controls over information technology and related processes.

How and where will my company’s data be saved?

Our client's is securely stored on the Microsoft Azure Cloud computing platform, which is known for having the highest level of security. This ensures that client data is easily accessible whilst secure and can be accessed in a reliable and safe way. To further secure client data, we deploy the following measures:

Data Encryption:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is saved with AES-256 encryption within the application before it is stored in the database.
  •  Data is tested and validated under Veracode Verified Standard status to ensure the highest level of security.

Data Backup:

  • Data is securely stored using Microsoft Azure and is encrypted with AES-256 to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Data is backed up every hour to ensure quick recovery in the case of data loss.
  • We provide 24x7x365 infrastructure support with application support that matches industry best practices.

Security and Regulatory Compliance:

  • Controlled and authorized data access with field-level security and role-based permissions hierarchy.
  • Strong data integrity on-the-wire with enhanced security controls, authentication protocols (OAuth 2), and data encryption.
  • Advanced hacking mitigation and system penetration controls to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Compliant with global security requirements for audits and regulations to ensure compliance with industry standards.
What is the professional support desk?

RadarRadar provides comprehensive support services for our SaaS clients, including:

  • Dedicated customer support team for prompt resolution of all issues.
  • 24/7 technical support for any product-related issues.
  • Regular software updates and maintenance, adding new features to enhance performance & security.
  • A repository of FAQs, how-to guides, and client-specific configuration documentation.
  • Advanced technical support for consultation of complex issues and custom development.
  • Highly experienced consultants for advice and in-depth training and support.
Extra reason to believe


  • One source of truth
  • Advanced risk tools
  • Fast implementation and high ROI

Smart & Flexible

  • Adaptable to changing requirements
  • Highly customizable features
  • Non-disruptive to daily operations


  • High-end security and ISO 27001 compliant
  • Easy to use and minimal maintenance
  • Professional support desk

Future investment

  • Continuous flow of new products & updates
  • Specially built for the commodity industry
  • Scalable for growth