Becoming a data-driven company

RadarRadar presents: the Radar Engine, a customizable commodity knowledge tool that allows for all commodity data to be converted into trusted and actionable insights to mitigate risk and boost performance.

Step 1 - Collect

Whether it’s an E-/CTRM, ERP, finance system, Excel, or basic file, the Radar Engine can ingest and integrate all necessary data no matter the location, source, or volume, providing you with one source of truth throughout the entire organization.

Step 2 - Trust

With master data functionalities, real-time reporting, combined with consistency and completeness checks, you are in control of your data 24/7/365. Cloud services, high-end security tools, and user permission services enable your entire organization to securely store and utilize your business data.


Process of storing, auditing, organizing and correcting data to ensure accuracy and accessibility


Creating copies of data and distributing data to multiple databases


Automating the process of uploading, handling, and processing data



Converting data from disparate source formats to a consolidated destination format


Unifying data fields of all types both qualitative and quantitative into one composite dataset


Checking all data for possible errors, nulls, or duplicates, then aggregating and enriching it

Step 3 - Engage

By turning your data into trusted information in the right location at the right time, the Radar Engine enables you to tackle your business challenges from a data perspective, enabling both advanced analytics and reporting, and improving transparency for interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Unlock the full potential of your data

  • Private ETL platform to ingest, normalize and distribute physical and financial data
  • Customized tool for master data mapping and management
  • Security model for detailed control over who gets to see and do what
  • Industry standard data protection and access provisioning
  • Highly customizable analysis and reporting platform with various ways to visualize data, including filtering and drilldown capabilities.
  • Optionality to connect to existing reporting systems, such as Tableau or Power BI.
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Bringing technology and business together

RadarRadar is here to change expectations about data & analytics software. As industry experts, we understand your business and your challenges. Our various modules offer innovative business applications with sophisticated metrics that meet tomorrow's needs.