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‘Positions’ typically refers to the quantity of a specific commodity that a producer or trader holds in their portfolio, whether bought, or sold or the inventory at a given point in time. These positions can be long (bought, inventory) or short (sold), reflecting the direction of the market exposure.

Commodity producers and traders closely monitor their positions to assess their risk exposure, make informed trading decisions, and implement effective risk management strategies.

By analyzing your positions relative to market trends, supply and demand factors, and price fluctuations, you can improve your trading strategies, hedge against potential losses, and capitalize on market opportunities.

Most appreciated advantages of Positions

  • Reliable and unique source of truth for all position & risk data
  • Better decision making thanks to accurate and timely reporting
  • Productivity through automation (avoid big Excel manipulation)
  • Ability to drill down from aggregated position to unit contracts
  • Improved trading strategies through trend analyses
  • Mitigate risk exposure and avoid financial losses
  • Seize market opportunities with real-time insights
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Key Components of Positions

  • Ability to ingest from a multitude of data sources in various formats, both internal and external
  • Handling all data in regards to security, quality, normalization.  
  • Generate Net positions in a normalized reporting language
  • Position Reporting fit for various asset classes and financial instrument
  • Possibility to configure your own position metrics and calculation methodologies
  • Position trends and analyses
  • Portfolio exposure monitoring according to your business model 
  • Consolidation of physicals and financials 
  • Multi Unit-of-Measure supported 
  • Historic Positions, Position Changes and Position Metrics 
  • Contract details 
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