RadarRadar wins two prestigious awards!

May 25, 2023 - Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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RadarRadar, industry leader in commodity data integration and harmonization for risk and margin management, has received two prestigious awards at this year’s Commodity Trading Week in London:

  • Analytics Technology Leader
  • Technology Innovation

The first annual Commodity Trading Awards is recognising the companies that have made exceptional contributions within the commodity industry, highlighting the hard work, dedication and innovation that has occurred within the commodity markets in the past year.

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The Radar Engine and Data Analytics Hub are unique in the industry as it offers a sophisticated Commodity Data Integration, Planning and Analytics platform. By connecting to internal and external data sources, the platform allows companies to fully control their business by enriching relevant data and creating a single dedicated source for up-to-date insights. As a result, clients can access high-quality data and advanced analytics capabilities from a ready-to-use solution that can be easily implemented into their daily workflows.

Today's commodity markets are experiencing high volatility due to the constantly changing landscape of the industry. RadarRadar was chosen as a winner by the independent judging panel at the Commodity Trading Awards for its powerful solutions, surpassing the capabilities and overcoming the shortcomings of traditional E/CTRM, ERP and other analytics tools:

  • One source of truth by integrating and harmonizing all relevant data.
  • State-of-the-art risk metrics and modelling functionalities.
  • Efficient handling of emerging risks in turbulent markets.
  • Built and accelerated with extensive commodity knowledge.
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Norbert Verhagen, Managing Director of RadarRadar:

“The awards are significant for our business as they recognize both our company and the commitment to the commodity sector. The industry is seeing the extra value in our technology and how they can benefit from the competitive advantages we provide. The awards are also an important acknowledgement of our people and how effective expert teams can bring innovation to the market.”

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RadarRadar’s Data Analytics Hub is currently the market’s most sought-after add-on and is widely regarded as the ultimate solution for combining effective data management with hands on risk and margin management. Its solutions are designed with transparency, control and simplicity of the user experience in mind. This innovative technology allows every client to be hands-on in effectively combining their data and business operations while catering to their unique business needs.

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Radar Engine

RadarRadar presents: the Radar Engine, a customizable knowledge tool that allows for all commodity data to be converted into trusted and actionable insights to mitigate risk and boost performance.

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