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Jul 24, 2024 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Trade Repository Reporting or 'Trade Reporting' (TR) is the requirement to submit accurate and timely information about executed trades to regulatory authorities or designated reporting entities according to your firms classification.

Commodity producers and traders use Trade Reporting to fulfill regulatory obligations, enhance transparency, and provide market insights to regulators and other stakeholders. This practice ensures that trading activities are properly monitored, prevents market manipulation, and contributes to a more orderly and transparent commodities market. Additionally, trade reporting data can also be used by producers and traders for internal analysis, risk assessment, and improving their trading strategies based on market trends and patterns.

Most appreciated advantages

  • Direct Connection with Trade Repository for trade and position submission
  • Normalization and harmonization of both OTC and ETD transactions and positions
  • Productivity through automation (avoid big Excel manipulation)
  • Ensure being compliant and avoid penalties
  • Improve trading strategies with trend analysesMitigate risk and avoid potential losses.
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Key components

  • EMIR & MAS Trade & Position Reporting
  • Ability to ingest from a multitude of data sources in various formats, both internal and external
  • Handling all data regarding security, quality, normalization
  • Trade repository integration
  • Aggregation of transaction and position data from e.g. brokers in any format
  • Translation from internal systems to global repository defined reporting formats
  • Ability to merge the right data with the relevant rules
  • Pre submission checks on completeness
  • TR submission overviews
  • Trade Respository Reponse ACK/NACK incorporation
  • ISIN/CFI mapping
  • NACK detailed overview and resolution suggestions
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